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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Project Sanity

This poor person clearly needed a revolving day off.
So in an effort to avoid going mad while I keep a house, watch a baby, teach three days a week, and try to write forty hours a week, I'm going to do a "revolving" day off of my big posts for the four more weeks I'm teaching summer school.

Project Sanity: keeping second eighth rate bloggers from going off in Youtube comments sections since 2014.

(That slogan will sound much cooler in fifty years or so. Trust me!)

Last week, because there was just too much going on, thanks to ChronoTron, I totally missed Friday. This week, I'm taking Wednesday (today) off. Next week I'll skip the Monday post.

What this allows me to do is have a little half week of "low key" writing. Since I can't get the staff to come in to work on bank holidays, we always take them off here at Writing About Writing. Friday is Independence day here in the United States. (In my neighborhood, most of the denizens celebrate casting off the yoke of taxation without representation and the rise of a republican democracy by setting off car alarms and terrorizing local pets with M-1000's. God bless us colonials!)

Anyway, since I'm taking Wednesday off this week--except of course for this pathetic excuse for a real post--and Friday is a holiday, and I'm taking Monday off next week, things will be light here until next Wednesday when I have a lovely post about starting up your own blog.

You know me, guys, I can't REALLY stay away--even on my "days off" I'm still writing. There will be some light fare posts between now and Wednesday and probably something "sticky" by this weekend.

This will give me time to catch up on Grounded Parent and Ace of Geeks articles that are long overdue, and may actually prevent me from snapping in the middle of next week and blowing up my entire room full of middle schoolers.

In this case you can very literally say "For the children!"

Though to be perfectly honest, I have some of that bullshit cliche love for my kids. It swells up in my breast and makes me not want to kill them--despite every rational thought I have about the future of humanity. Even when they're being horrible little monsters I just want the best for them. If I snap, they are probably safe. I'll just have them play hangman with words like "Wankle Rotary Engine" all day or something. The real risk here is that without Project Sanity I'll end up like this:


  1. What the hell is a "sticky" post?

    1. It's a post that usually doesn't do too well at the time of posting because it's not as mainstream or funny or topical. Like a post on craft or a post that is "useful" to a writer. Then it gets a steady trickle over time because it gets relinked or found in Google searches.

      A classic example would be the Glossary of Creative Writing terms (which I need to get back to writing).