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Thursday, July 17, 2014

July Poll: Best Multi-Author World

We hope there's not a lot of it between us and first place.
What is the best multi-author world?

Our July poll is live.

Using the write in nominations from all of you, we have nine names that have made it to the poll.  A few others were nominated but they didn't get anyone to second them, so they didn't make the poll. Don't forget to come back and second worthy nominations!

We don't have quite the fury (and tapped fanbases) of our last couple of polls, so everyone will only get three (3) votes.

The poll itself is long and black and at the bottom left of the side widgets.

Also please don't forget that the program I use for polling will forget your IP address after one week. You can get in multiple votes, and since I can't stop it, I might as well fold it into the logistics. Vote early! Vote often!


  1. I know Todd McCaffery has written a bunch of Pern novels, but I still don't think of it as multi-author ... his best ones were collaborations with Anne, and the rest are ... meh.

    1. "It's not actually multi-author if one of the authors sucks" was not one of the nomination rules :P

    2. I realized once I'd started the poll that a few legacy author series might end up here (Dune, Wheel of Time, Pern), but you know whatever makes people care about the poll is good with me. :)