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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Poll Tomorrow

The Contrarian disapproves of my blaming him, but is
mostly sad because he wanted to vote for Thieves' World.
For those of you keeping track, I was going to put the poll up today, but even such a small entry eluded me. Wednesdays are just....horrific for me right now. I don't have the car so my commute makes my teaching day an hour longer on each end (at least I get to read on the BART) and when I get home I have to do the catboxes and put the trash on the curb. (About an hour long process here at The Hall of Rectitude.)

I had an impromptu baby-watching session this morning, and The Contrarian is not very good about patiently letting me do my writing.

"You're going to let Uncle Chris get this one, quick, easy entry posted right Bub?" I asked.

"I AM NOT!!!" he psychically blasted.

So....the poll will be going up tomorrow. In the meantime, you have an extra day to write in nominations or second the ones that are already there.

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