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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Coming Soon To A Blog Near You

Today's post is about how to start your own blog. However, as I look at the clock, I realize that I have a rapidly shrinking time frame in which to finish and still get ready to go teach study skills to kids who have been plucked from their summer of frolicking and jumping the hilly brush and think it's a bit like a full frontal lobotomy.

Eight days left....

Ima Lister meant to give this to me last night but Evil Mystery Blogger has apparently left us a few Trojan worm viruses (or something) in our mainframe (even though we cleared all data a couple months ago, apparently). He had to rewrite the article from memory this morning.

I really should probably make that guy a higher priority.

Fortunately articles like that tend to be more popular in the long run, so I hope I'm not losing out on major traffic to get it up later. You understand.

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