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Friday, July 18, 2014

Take THAT Productivity

My hair was singing to me, so I cut it off.
That's bad hair! Bad!
Today's entry has been devoured by Project Sanity.


While the impact of Project Sanity to actually prevent me from going stressravingly mad might be questionable, I am still clinging to some vestiges of coherent thought, so that is good. I may have just enough neurons firing to get through next week and still have the ability to form sentences with both subjects and verbs.

I cut my hair and shaved as you can see. This has the effect of making me look like I'm not in my late thirties, but rather closer to twelve years old like my students. Stockholm syndrome is starting to make me identify with them.

At least the guy in the mirror tells me that's what's going on. I'm not sure I trust him.

(He looks shady. But he also reads over my shoulder, so I can't go into much detail.)

Next week Project Sanity will devour Wednesdays entry, and the week after that, it will do Monday's. Next week is my last week of teaching so Monday is going to be one big day I like to call the perennial celebration of no pants.

I'll see you tomorrow. But in the mean time, please understand that I really did cut my hair off for my own good. Look what it was making me do before I did what had to be done.

I mean...duck lips? ~shudder~

It wasn't THAT my hair was singing that was troublesome,
so much as the fact that it was nothing but Taylor Swift.

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