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Saturday, November 1, 2014


Normally the first Saturday of the month would feature a guest blogger, but since yesterday we already got hacked by Evil Chris, who apparently wanted to get his evil pro-NaNo article today we'll take care of what we should have been doing yesterday, which is writing thank you notes to all the donors to Writing About Writing.  

Though I'm years from paying the bills with writing, Writing About Writing enjoys a few dollars a month which help us to bring you more writing (since I need to work a "real job" one night a week instead of two or three). With a few more dollars, I will be able to hire a housekeeper to take over some of my domestic duties each week and devote even more time to writing, all of which will be available absolutely free, right here, for as long as blogging remains a viable medium.

The ad revenue is a pittance compared to your donations (less than 10% percent at this point). With values from five dollars to two hundred (once) and monthly donations ranging from $2-$50, you all have done ten times more to help W.A.W. survive and thrive. One day I hope to get rid of the random ads, and run either none at all or only sponsors that I truly believe in. For the few donors who part with very generous sums, I try to spend time and effort in some paltry measure of thanks that is nothing compared to what I feel.

If you want to be a donor, please click on the "Conspicuously Placed Tip Jar" to the left. There is even a very easy square you can click on if you want to set up a monthly donation instead of just a one time one. Don't worry! If you want to help but can't afford to, there are lots of non-monetary ways to lend W.A.W. a hand.

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