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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Social Justice Bard

The whole range of social justice shirts is available. 
Once upon a time a bunch of sexist racist homophobic dillholes (and even a few status-quo loving n00bs) tried to insult people who cared about social justice by calling them "Social Justice Warriors."

Not since William Wallace's body parts were sent to the four corners of the British Isles did something so thoroughly NOT have the intended effect.

Realizing that not only was "social justice warrior" not a particularly insulting insult but, in fact, it was basically the highest form of compliment, most of those who heard the term applied to them (even though it was intended as a disparagement) immediately fell in love. Our eyes lit up more than Han when Leia called him a scoundrel.

In fact, the whole range of social justice classes soon came in demand. Social justice warriors were only the beginning. Some people soothe the hearts of those on the front line. Some people hold their tongue until the perfect moment to say something really, really backstabbingly snarky. Some people work their critical thinking magic to get folks around them to understand things from a different point of view. Soon the cry came up for social justice clerics, social justice mages, and social justice rogues.

Of course, I don't have enough hit points or sheer striking power to be a warrior. I can scrap with dillholes a little, but not as much as some of the true fighters around me. I can occasionally work some point-of-view magic--though nothing like what the true social justice thinkers are capable of. I employ a host of less reputable skills to get what I want. And I'm a vibrant artist type who is very very interested in telling stories. I've even been known to sing a little.

I'm a social justice bard. Unfortunately I have critically low charisma, but I'm still fighting the good fight.

Or at least talking about it a lot.


  1. I'm all for being a social justice rogue!! I do so love my rogues!

  2. Prestige class: Social Justice President.