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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Lead time...

It's going to take me about a week to get to the point where this new schedule is really working for me. Right now we're like awkward lovers trying to figure out whose arm goes under and whether or not they like a hint of French in their kissing or basically being tongue fucked in their mouth.

Little awkward.

However, I should tell those of you who are following this harrowing adventure that this new schedule is already doing what its supposed to do. My eyes have uncrossed a bit, and even though I'm still getting posts up at basically the same pace of 2-3 GOOD ones a week, it is happening at a far lesser cost to my sanity. Sure they go up on the weekend and get a little less immediate traffic, but the page views eventually roll in anyway, and it's a small price to pay for a much more comfortable fit.

I for one welcome our new non psychotic break masters.

Once I'm rolling, I should be a lot less flakey about the fiction, especially since the entire impetus for this massive overhaul was to find the time to write more fiction. It's just that fiction takes me a lot longer than my regular fare here and I don't want to slap something that isn't ready up just because it's the day to do so. That leads to unhappy slaps, and when you have slaps that aren't happy slaps, it's no good for anyone.

So in the interest of consensual happy slaps...

The first Sunday of the month would normally be fiction, but I'm going to combine it with this Friday's personal update, and use the opportunity to finish up Self Reflection Sucks. The exciting story of why I decided to redo my entire schedule from top to bottom anyway–provided you can find the truth inside the metaphor of superhero realism.

So stay tuned...

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