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Sunday, May 17, 2015

A Note to Regular Readers of Writing About Writing

Hi all,

Normally, having worked as much as I did this week, I would be taking the weekend off, but I wanted to stop in and give my regular readers a quick warning about the week to come.

Because things could get weird in the next few days. I debated just taking the time off, but that always leads to such a hit in my numbers and terrible guilt towards my generous donors. I've got some half written articles, but getting up anything more than the most EPIC of jazz hands will be contingent upon how well I'm doing on a brief side project.

You see on Friday May 22 (in just five more days), I'm going to be running a LARP at a game convention. That means I have to write it. (Fourteen more characters at about two hours each--plus some background information) It's going to take almost all of my writing time and writing energy for the week to knock this out.

There will also be no post on Friday. No matter what. I'm going to be printing out character sheets. Getting physical supplies. Generally running around like a chicken with its cliché cut off. If I manage to finish and clean up this "meaty post" I've got mostly written, despite everything else I'm working on this week, it will go up on Thursday.

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