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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A Question to the Readers of Writing About Writing

I have a question for you all. 

It's a question you'll have to answer in the comments since we already have a poll running (which you should totes magotes go vote in bee tee dubs).

As you know I am writing very little this week here at WAW because I'm holed up in a bunker--a charming bunker furnished to look exactly like my living room--writing a Live Action Role Playing Game to be presented at Kublacon (a convention near the SF Airport) on Friday.

I personally find LARPs a very valuable tool as a writer. They are exercises in making every character interesting and fundamentally about how characters drive plot (rather than plot driving characters). A writer could do a whole hell of a lot worse than to write a character sheet for each of their characters before they start a piece of fiction.

My question for you all is (knowing that a LARP is not "a story" or anything that most people would consider fiction in the strictest sense, but mostly just a collection of character sheets) would you be interested in me publishing that information here. I would do a little write up of what these characters did, but it would mostly just be fifteen character sheets and some notes. I also can't promise any writing better than caffeine addled brain on "the night before it's due."

Basically, would you like to see my LARP once I'm done running it?


  1. Damn it Google/blogspot posting shenanigans! it erased my post so now i have to retype it out. T_T -_- #1stWorldProblems
    I want to play in your LARP but I am too far away to enjoy it in person (also i am a noob at the whole LARPing thing and wouldn't want to ruin your story). so if possible I would enjoy hearing about it in a post, either on FB or here. :)

  2. I am always interested in how others create their LARPS, so yes.

  3. Would love to read about it! :) Best wishes from a German Larper

  4. Yes please! I like reading about LARPs, both the fiction elements (setting materials, character information, plot) and the process elements (planning, challenges, post mortem).

  5. Yes, you should post them.
    and then later, you should write up the story of how it all played out.

  6. Yes. I've never LARPped (is that a verb? Is now); however, I have written up character studies. Would love to see them. Also also like Ginger's suggestion that you write up how it played out.