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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Falling From Orbit LARP

Other cool broken moon pics there.
By popular demand (which means about eight people, but don't laugh because that's half my regular readers....~pause~....okay now you can laugh), I will be publishing the Falling From Orbit LARP here on Writing About Writing. I ran this LARP on Friday night at Kublacon to pretty decent feedback, and writing it for most of last week is the primary reason that there was an awful lot of jazz hands and skipped entries. Turns out I'm capable of writing at a Stephen Kingian pace, but not while also maintaining a blog and keeping up on the dishes.

Which reminds me, it's starting to look post apocalyptic in the kitchen...

Since it clocked in at fifty pages, and has some 15 characters, a timeline, notes, and a write up for what THESE fifteen players managed to pull off (not including giving me fodder for a possible sequel), I'm not going to post it all as a single entry or piecemeal all at once. [My poor RSS feed subscribers would be spammed out of existence.] Instead I'll trickle in the characters one per day while I'm doing my regularly scheduled stuff in the background. This page will become a sub menu as the characters end up linked here. So if you want to come back when it's all done, it'll be about two weeks.

For those of you who have never LARPed before, it's a bit like the old game How to Host A Murder Mystery (a lot like that actually). A player assumes the role of a character (many taking it as a point of pride to drop character as little as possible) and what they do at that point is up to them. They can decide to work with people, work against them, kill them, eat some cheese or anything else. The person who runs the LARP usually has no real idea what direction it might go. I welcome (encourage even) the players who played these characters to add a moment or three they loved in the comments.

As the question has already come up more than once: yes, you may use this LARP if you wish to run it or these materials if you wish to borrow one or more characters for your own role playing game, LARP or story. My only request would be a shout out in the program or pre-game if you run it in an official context. Also, while all my work belongs to the world the minute I hit "update," the exact characters are mine by copyright and I might put them into some future story. However, you are welcome to write unofficial fanfic with them. 

You can even e-mail me (chris.brecheen@gmail.com) if you want some tips or suggestions beyond what is here.

Pre Game Notes

General Mishka Valenz
General Eren Hoist
Reese Domino
Dakota Langton
Reverend Paris Atonia
Dr. Casey El Amin
Dr. Tohru Nakamura
Imari Kothari
Wong Salih
Boipelo Anderson
Harper Corday
Uriel Petrovitch
Valentine DeWhit

In game notes/Casting Notes

Write up- What these 15 players did.

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