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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Worst Page Turner (Last Call for Noms and Seconds)

What is the worst book that you just couldn't put down?  

You hated every second of it. But you read the whole thing in one night....

Given the situation with my cat, I figured I would run this poll on Friday and give everyone a reminder today to get your nominations and seconds in. I'm kind of watching her 24/7 right now with only a few breaks, and even though I can technically do that with a laptop open, my heart is not in the big long posts right now. Hopefully by next week I'll either have good news or hard decisions will have been made.

Based on the enthusiastic response, we will surely have a semifinal round. I will put the first round of that up tomorrow.

So today is your last last chance to get anything else on that poll.

Please remember to go back to the comments of the ORIGINAL POST to make nominations or seconds. I can't guarantee I will remember nominations if they are in several different places.