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Monday, January 2, 2017

Observed? (Don't forget to vote for Best Obscure Book)

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Apparently today is New Years Day..."observed."

Were we too hungover to notice it yesterday?

I guess this means that a bunch of people cried bitter tears that a vacation fell on a day they had off anyway, and now none of the staff are coming into the office to do some work. Bank holiday. New years....observed.

This despite the fact that they live down the hall, and all I wanted was a quick update. We could have been done in ten minutes if everyone had just done their crap. (Besides Monday is Sloppy Joes day and Grendel's mom makes the best ones ever.)

The Sci Guy told me not to turn the system on because only he knows how to set up the firewall and that the whole thing would be "vulnerable" to hacking by Evil Mystery Blogger if I tried to initiate the system without him.

But I'm sure there will be no problem firing up the mainframe for such a quick update.

I guess since we can't do a real update today, I'll just remind everyone to vote in our Best Obscure Book poll. Results will go up tomorrow. 

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  1. LOL. Such bravery! If this was intended to do anything other than make me laugh and write a little harder, I'm very sorry that you have no clue.