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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Worst Page Turner: Nominations and Seconds Needed

What is the worst book that you just couldn't put down?  

Did you hate to love it or just love to hate it? These are the books we know are literary cotton candy, but we can't stop going for one more mouthful anyway.

First of all, the nominations accelerated to ludicrous speed within seconds of announcing the poll's subject, so while we are happy to get a few more nominations, what we really need are for people to go through and second (and third) the titles they'd really like to see on the poll. I'm not going to take anything without a second, and depending on the number of nominations, maybe not without a third. (I may not be able to avoid doing a quick semifinal round, but I'm going to try.)

Rules are on the original page if you have questions.

Please please please put any new nominations on the comments of the original page. It'll make my life so much easier when I make the poll to have all the nominations in one place.


  1. Dan Brown The Da Vinci Code

  2. I don't know . But as an Indian, I m also accused of reading some Chetan Bhagat books. Not all are bad . But five point someone really was. Another Indian author book, the man booker winner , God of small things. It is nicely written book which has too much details on each character . But the fact that it is sad in every single page and till the end makes it a very depressing book though one can't question the writing part. Among foreign authors ( foreign for me ) , yes , even I might end up writing a twilight kind of novel where there is hardly anything about any character but just two love birds, I hate to admit it I had a hard time in completing it. Also , I cant digest most self help books one of them being how to win friends n influence people.

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