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Friday, January 27, 2017

Worst Page Turner (Results Quarterfinal 1)

Text results below.
The results of the first quarterfinals are in. Pretty Little Liars, the Stephanie Plum series, and The Corrections have been deemed either too well written or not page-turny enough, and will not be moving on to the semifinals.

Be sure and stay tuned for the second quarter final round to go up in just a few minutes.

Twilight-S. Meyer 54 35.53%
DaVinci Code-D. Brown 43 28.29%
Eat Pray Love-E. Gilbert 20 13.16%
Dreamcatchers-S. King 14 9.21%
The Pretty Little Liars-S. Shepard 10 6.58%
Stephanie Plum series-J. Evanovich 9 5.92%
The Corrections-J. Franzen 2 1.32%

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