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Monday, June 26, 2017

March's Best (and a Quick Personal Update)

I woke up this morning at 11:30 after having slept about 30 hours in the last two days. No you read that right....and I might even be lowballing it. Sleeping in. Bed early. Even naps. I'm not sure what (specifically) kicked my ass so hard. I didn't get a sunburn or catch a cold or have hours of group sex or anything. Though in general I'm sure it's trying to add 15 hours a week of summer school to an impacted schedule, but when I woke up, I sure felt a hell of a lot better.

I usually wake up before 8am to get started on writing.  I don't know what happened, but I managed to sleep through two separate alarms. I guess I had just burnt the candle at both ends a little too long, but maybe incrementally instead of all at once, so I didn't realize it was happening. It's actually a pretty common experience for me, happening maybe once every couple of months especially when I'm really overdoing it and not QUITE getting enough me time. And I hear it's pretty ubiquitous among artists. We tend to just go until we fall over when we're on a tear.

Anyway, all that by way of saying that the ass kicking I was sure was coming has indeed arrived mightily.

Here are the three best of March's posts (and this weekend I will start up a new entry for this year's greatest hits):

Beginning Writers and Submission Guidelines-  When I put out the word, I notice that most submissions have not read the directions. This is a dreadful idea for anyone submitting to any gatekeeper. Ever.

Paying the Bills With Writing (A personal update from five years into this journey.)

Dialects Idioms and Intelligence(Mailbox) We got a question from a second language speaker about an idiom that is primarily used within AAVE.

Honorable(?) Mention- The Writer is Sick I was really sick in March, and I mean fever and bed-ridden sick. I had to take a couple of days off and for some reason that post did really, really well. It actually did better than all the others, but....it's not actually content.

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