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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Summer's Best (June, July, August)

We're going to have to do all of the rest of these in the next couple of days so we can get to the year end and new year posts. I was thinking I would do two or three a day, but then as I was sitting on my client's very comfortable couch and deciding whether or not I should investigate the sound of things hitting the ground coming from the last place I'd seen one of the cats, it occurred to me that I could just do one post with multiple months. It's not like anyone goes back to these posts once the compilation page is up.

Here are three months worth of our best performing (non-poll) posts that will go on to be in our Greatest Hits Menu.


Writing With Depression (Mailbox) Laura wants to know if I have any advice for writing with chronic depression?

Feeling Stuck? Join the Club, and Try These Tips to Get Writing Again (R.S. Williams) Guest blogger RS Williams helps us overcome that stuck feeling with a few great tips.

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Blog Post That day we reached half a million followers on Facebook. And I promised to do the Hugh Grant Love Actually dance if we reached 5,000,000 page views. (I'm pretty sure we won't.)

July (A light month since I was lips deep in teaching summer school, but a few gems came through.)

Social Justice Bard and the Tale of The Not Machiavellian Distraction It is possible for there to be more than one issue going on and both to be important. Calling the one you care about less a distraction isn't very nice.

In Which I Have an Unwelcome Visitor by Rahnia Collins Dealing with procrastination.

We Regret to Inform You For six weeks I take a job teaching summer school that is too well paid to give up (at least not yet). During those six weeks, I make weekly appeals posts to try to drum up patrons. For some reason, this one was popular.


Joss Whedon and the Art/Artist Divide People come to different conclusions on where the divide is, but it's important we don't protect art or their creators or artists or their creations we love as above reproach.

Social Justice Bard and The Status Quo Defenders ("SQiDs")  They acknowledge there are problems, but don't want you to go fixing them or anything....

That Madmartigan Sigh (Personal Update) When there's so much going on that you just look at life and think....*SIGH*

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