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Thursday, April 3, 2014

After Careful Consideration

I know this is anti-climactic to anyone following the ongoing baby/remote control drama (and a piss poor excuse for a Wednesday entry), but after careful consideration, I have decided that the only meaningful change I am going to make to the update schedule is to switch out Monday's and Wednesday's usual scheduled post.  Keeping Tuesday and Thursdays as light days is invaluable, I'm not going to drop to fewer than three meaty entries a week. Personal updates are a little easier to do, so they'll fit in well on Wednesday, and that gives me a full weekend to work on whatever "main article" I'll be doing for Monday.

It's just going to be extra important for me to keep up with writing out ahead instead of firing off all my posts at the last minute. Hell, this might actually help W.A.W. because there are a couple of people who are willing to help me with some copy editing if I get them the post to glance over with enough notice to actually do so. So, while it may look like I've only done a tiny little shell game with two day's worth of entries, in reality I am completely reworking my weekly writing schedule behind the scenes and doing much more of my blog writing on the weekends.

I have already changed The Update Schedule to reflect this.

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