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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Only YOU Have The Power

Just because they're in space......
With less than a week left in our Modern Science Fiction Series Poll, it's time to get those votes in or when the Science Fiction Pedant Patrol blows into town and opens a notepad with your list of infractions for being a "True Sci Fi fan" they may have to say:

"On April 24th, 2014, you did knowingly not participate in a poll wherein Discworld won by three times the vote," one will say.

"Discworld isn't sci fi?" you'll ask.

"It's comic fantasy, bitch" the other will say.

"On April 24th, 2014, you did knowingly ignore a poll where Vorkosigan was one of the choices."

Your girlfriend will gasp and clutch her pearls.

"De Sci-fi-anizer ray," one will say. The other will take your powers of One True Way™ Sci-fi fandom away from you.

And then Scott Pilgrim will kick your ass because without your powers, you'll just be socially mainstream and may not have even watched every episode of Firefly.

Don't let that happen. Vote today!

The poll is at the bottom left, everyone gets two votes, and there's only a week left! 

Also, because of a quirk in Polldaddy (the polling program) it can only hold your IPS addy for a week, so everyone who voted over seven days ago can vote again. (Better to tell everyone than let some exploit it.) Vote for new books that you love just as much, or show the books you voted for before some extra love by voting for them again.

Vote early! Vote often! 

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