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Monday, April 28, 2014

Schedule Adjustment

So here at Writing About Writing we still delight when we clear $150 dollars for a given month.

If you've tried to live for a month on $150 in the Bay Area, you know that even Frugal McThriftkins could only make that last about half a week.

And that would be a live-with-roaches-eat-raman-don't-even-buy-a-new-book kind of week.

That means I'm still beholden to the jobs that help me pay rent and feed myself and stuff. (I know that makes me a sellout materialist, but fuck do I ever love not starving.) Jobs like teaching and being the househusband, and my most recent shift to stay at home "dad" duties that I've been writing about for weeks now. Taking care of The Contrarian has given me access to things like health care and a retirement plan. I don't know what it is about imagining myself still teaching teenagers how to join clauses when I'm seventy, but it just brings out the miser in me.

Gumtoothed voice: "Back in my day we only had seven coordinating conjunctions. We called them FANBOYS. And we LIKED IT! You kids today and your eighth coordinating conjunction. You have it way too easy!"

I still write every day, and I'm still going to post five times a week, but I have to work that effort around all that stuff-I-do-to-not-live-on-the-streets crap. It's not very Bohemian of me, I know, but I'm getting too old to shoplift cat food and sleep under the stars...at least when it's raining and there fucking aren't any.

Anyway, as I do after most major life events, I will be adjusting the Update Schedule slightly. In this case, to shift my "main" article from Monday to Tuesday. That gives me a long weekend to write it (and write all the other things that get done on weekends), which seems to be shaping up to be important in the new world order.

Tomorrow I will be finishing 30 Ways for Writers to Be (And Stay) Miserable.  Stay tuned!