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Thursday, May 23, 2019

2019's Greatest Hits by Month

A Special Mention

So there was a post that would have actually been (number two or three) on the TOP TEN list for 2019. But I normally don't put my appeals posts into the Greatest Hits menu. However, I figured that it might be useful to see for folks trying themselves to find a good way to ask for patrons, crowdfunding, and basically appeal for money. I seem to have stumbled upon a formula that works. Future appeals posts modeled on this have also done quite well.

Hi Everyone

BioShock Infinite as Art: Your Argument is Invalid (Part 1)
"You Live in a Bubble"
A Writer's Resolutions: A Template for Setting a Kick Ass New Year's Goal

I Need Advice! (But Not "Write Every Day")
The Working Artist and Exhaustion (Personal Update)

Social Justice Bard and The Curious Case of the Anti Identity Politics
Will You Do Infinity War? (Mailbox)
BioShock Infinite: Your Argument is Invalid (Part 5- A Swing and a Miss On Social Poignancy)

A Sick Bug
Basics of Submitting
9 Writerly Things No One is Going to Give You (But We All Need) [Part 2]

Should I/Must I Read the Classics? (Mailbox)
Five Reasons It Was Rejected That Aren't Your Fault

What We Fight For (I Am the Night)
9 Things Dungeons and Dragons Taught Me About How to Write (Part 2) 
Announcement: Speaking Engagement

Farewell to a Friend, New Schedules, And Random Assorted Things (Personal Update)
Follow-Up Questions About Developmental Editors Mailbox
I Can't Afford A Developmental Editor (Mailbox)

Proposal vs. Proposition (Mailbox)
The Lesser Writer (Mailbox)
The Elders Did It (I Am the Night) 

Writing Query Letters (The Very Basics)
Small Press or Agents First
Keep Going or Start Over (Mailbox)

11 Reasons Fame Probably Doesn't Look Like You Think It Does
What To Do With That First Novel
Self-Care, Brutal Honesty, Self-Deception, and the Writer Who Wants to "Make It" (Personal Update, Meta)

I Hope You Play
11 Reasons Fame Probably Doesn't Look Like You Think (The Renown Margin) Part 2
Most Invested POV (Mailbox)

Go Check out NOT Writing About Writing
Internal Critics and Other Voices (Mailbox) [Part 1 of 3]
Pointer Quests (Mailbox)

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