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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Awww Snap!

One of my Reliquary menus is getting an "Aw Snap" alert on Chrome, but I have no idea why. It seems to work fine on any other browser and I've tried all the simple steps to no avail (adblock, firewall).

Fortunately we can rebuild it. We have the technology. (Though we're just going to redo it with more bailing wire and spit, so it won't be stronger or faster.)  I can pull the text and links and pictures, kill the old page, and reconstruct an all new page.

So I'm going to spend today moving it to a new page, and doing technical web design stuff that I have absolutely NO skill at. (Plus I owe TWO blogs two different articles on polyamory now–so it's really time to get cracking.) It should be ready to go by this weekend.

There are a lot of old posts that need cleaning up. It's overwhelming and too time consuming to imagine doing them all at once, but I spray some WD-40 or wrap duct tape around them as I find them. So if you ever see a broken link or picture or something, let me know and I'll spruce it up.

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