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Friday, April 10, 2015

Best Heroine (Semifinal 1) Poll Results

Who is the best heroine in fiction?

The first semifinal round of Best Heroine poll is over. Thank you to everyone who voted.  The top five nominations will be going on to our final round. Killashandra Ree, Vin, and Elena Michaels: you were awesome to get this far, especially in such an exciting poll.

I tried to wait until the gap between Keladry and Killashandra was bigger than 2% of the total votes,
but every time I did it would shrink back down.

Don't change that channel. Semifinal round two will be up later today.


  1. Where were the Reddit peeps stuffing for Vin this round? ;(

    1. I guess whoever sent them the memo the first time round was asleep at the switch.