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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Thank You. Yes YOU!

Yesterday you (all of you) were able to help me fund a group of 2nd graders in one of the highest poverty schools in Oakland get a set of brand new literature readers. While we got them close to their goal, a matching charity (Oakland Reads) pushed them over the edge.

$628 is from multiple donors.
We helped push them over the edge,
but that is not all us.
Here at Writing About Writing, 10% of every penny I make (through donations or ads) goes to local children's literacy charity. In this case another local charity Oakland Reads 2020 was matching the funds, and we helped Ms. Costello's 2nd graders get the books they need.

While I can't tell you exactly how much I gave because I no longer disclose W.A.W.'s finances on the blog (for a host of reasons), and it would be a trivial exercise to "reverse engineer" how much I made if I tell you what my donation was, suffice to say that it was a non-trivial amount.

(I also stuffed the same amount into Hen Wen for the day when we can hire a web designer and really take this blog up a notch.)

Thank you all.  Thank you so, so much. Thank you for reading. Thank you for donating. Thank you for turning off your ad blocker for this domain. Thank you for sharing your favorite posts. You are literally helping the world be a little bit better by reading snarky writing advice.

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