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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sunday Shorts

Sundays, where I relax. I put on a petticoat and a funny hat and go sit in the shade near a lake with my hound, that I might gaze at the sailboats, unclench my visual crispness, and slide into a relaxed state of quasi-impressionist pointillist pixels. Preferably with an umbrella in my hand and some kind of monkey at my feet.

Or in my case, spend the day at home playing video games and not wearing pants and lackadaisically lounging about the veranda sipping sweet iced tea and– Oh who am I kidding, I use my one day off to clean things I've let go all week, and if I'm very lucky to write some things I've fallen behind on.

I get a lot of short and sweet questions that don't fit in their own mailbox. Sundays is a good day to answer them, so that I can get back to depixilating as soon as possible.

4/19/15 Why try to write every day/why all the filler?
4/26/15 The answer is....

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