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Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Answer Is....(Sunday's Shorts)

When are the "can't miss" articles? Can anyone guest blog? Where's the hate mail? Help without money? Are you skipping posts on Facebook?

Today I'm answering a few really short questions that have full answers elsewhere (but that might not always be easy to find).

Q: Hey I love your blog, but I just got a new job and I usually catch up on weekends. What days are the can't miss articles.

A: I'm a terrible judge of what is going to be a crap article vs. what is going to be "can't miss," but the articles that are a little more "meaty" and into which I pour a little more time and energy go up every Monday and Friday. You can always check the update schedule under the "Business Crap" tap at the top of the blog. My schedule changes at least every semester (including summer), but I update the schedule regularly to tell you when I'll (try to) get up regular articles, and when I'll be doing mostly jazz hands or slightly fluffier fare.

Q: Can anyone guest blog for you? Even me?

A: I'm not sure who "even me" is since your e-mail is a yandex account roughly equivalent to "samanddean3sum4evah," but there is only a very short list (mostly of prominent white male atheists, Fox news correspondents, and "Christians who get cameras pointed at them") who I wouldn't want to blog for me under any circumstance. Of course, there are a few limitations of content, and I'd say stringing a coherent sentence together is a must, but generally I am really excited to get all kinds of different voices and many different intersections with art and writing here, so it's always worth asking. If anyone wants to blog, they should check the guest blogging guidelines and see if we'd be a good fit.

Q: Is it possible to find all the hate mail you've ever gotten in one place. I want to show my roommate the hilarity.

A: That stuff is like crack, isn't it? You want the link to Rage Against the Brecheen. Generally every post that has any kind of "staying power" can be found somewhere in The Reliquary. Some of them are old and embarrassing, but there they are.

Q: What's the best thing a penniless fan can do to help your blog?

A: I've got an FAQ that covers this, but the best thing you can do is to share articles on your social media with a quote or some kind of "upselling" commentary. I'm a big fan of "Your life will not be complete unless you read this!" or some variant. Apparently you might also get some mileage out of "Clicking this will instantly make you have a threesome with Sam and Dean."

Q: Are you skipping posts on your Facebook page? Seems like some days you post but FB only gets a rerun. 

A: All the time. Facebook is cesspool of algorithms and post hiding designed to make page admins pay to promote their posts. Most people who want to see the content of a page see about 5% of what that page posts. Most people are there for the macros and puns and I don't want to get to spammy, so I limit my posting there to the articles I know will get a few likes, comments, and other engagement.

If you want to get every single post I post, there are several ways to follow me that are better than Facebook.

Don't forget to keep sending me questions at chris.brecheen@gmail.com

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