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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Writer Needs a Day Off

Thirty seven?  Really?
For both of you out there following closely enough to 1) notice and 2) care if I miss a post, I'm taking a day off today. Yesterday's post was admittedly kind of a goofy way to make a point, but I'm looking at its 37 hits with a McKayla Maroney moue. The house is in dire need of my tender ministrations. My alarm didn't go off. And I'm kind of in need of a day of letting my brain turn to sludge as I nostalgically play hours of Command and Conquer Generals that I picked up through the Humble Bundle.

It was only going to be a revision or a menu clean up anyway, so it's a good day to go AWOL. I'll be back in the thick of it tomorrow.

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