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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Best Heroine (Semifinal 2) Poll Results

Thank you to so many who took the time to vote. Seriously, that's about twice as many votes as normal.

Lisbeth Salander (~sniff~), Kantmiss Everdeen (that one was a surprise), and Lyra Belacqua will not be going on to the final round. So here is our mega list for the final round. I even waited to see if the Honor Harrington/Lisbeth gap would get a little wider, but they proceeded to get two votes each, so I had to just call it.

Jo March–Little Women
Cordelia Naismith–Vorkosigan Saga
Eowyn–Lord of the Rings
Honor Harrington
Hermione Granger–Harry Potter
Laura Ingalls–Little House Series
Charlotte–Charlotte's Web
Anne Shirley–Anne of Green Gables
Keladry of Mindelan

Don't touch that dial! Our final round poll will be up later today.

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