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Thursday, May 8, 2014

2014 April's Best

These are the most popular post from April. They will be added to 2014's Greatest Hits (which can be found in The Best of W.A.W.).

This month was a tiny bit lower key than the prior month in terms of numbers, but Writing About Writing has managed to mostly hang on to it's current average of 1000 page views a day. Since we're not basking in the glory of a viral article like we were last summer, or writing two articles a day like the end of 2012, this is ongoing good portents for the blog.

30 Ways for Writers to Be (and Stay) Miserable (Part 1) 
I recently finished the third part of this article, but the original blew April out of the water.

The Mailbox: Speech to Text Software and Season 2
Paul wanted to know if text to speech software was going to make it too easy for would-be writers and flood the market with amateur work.

Post Delayed Because Baby
One of my personal updates. The trouble that I'm just now facing and dealing with has been going on all month now.

I'm going to hold off on too many predictions for the month of May. I definitely want to get to the next part of the glossary and some fiction, but I said as much for April too, and I ended up barely hanging on. I'm still trying to work out some of the time management stuff, and I don't want my fingers writing checks my time management can't cash.

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