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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Podcasted Chris!

Just a quickie today.  I'm headed to San Jose in a couple of hours to do a live podcast with Ace of Geeks (one of the other blogs I write for) about non-traditional publishing, and how it benefits or hinders a modern author.

 San Jose Convention Center 4:00 PM in Room E
I have any number of self deprecating jokes to make to try to and diffuse my actual sense of impostor syndrome that is currently eating its way up from my heart into my brain. This seemed like such a good idea two weeks ago when they asked, and now I'm looking for exit routes and wondering why the hell they picked me.

I think they'll post the podcast next Friday, so I'll get a link to that as soon as I can and you all can hear the sweet sultry sound of my voice.


  1. I wonder what you call the person who believes in the person who believes he's an imposter? Granted, I only believe you're not an imposter when it comes to this writing stuff. You could totally be one of those 'fake geek guys' I keep hearing about.

    1. I'm totally a fake geek guy. I don't even know the extensive backstory of each Avenger or have a definitively vitriolic opinion on Star Wars's extended universe.