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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Last Chance to Write In

At 7,568 "seconds," Discworld is safe.
Trust me.
Our poll will be going up on Tuesday. So today is your last chance to write in any fantasy series titles that you want to see on it. It is also your last chance to second (or "third" and "fourth") any series that others have nominated.

If you do nominate a new series or second (or third or fourth) an existing one, please please please go to the original write-in page so that I can gather the nominations from just one set of comments instead of two. It's going to be hard enough as it is given how many robust the response has been.

The Rules- 

1) You may nominate any two series. If you nominate more than three, I'll take the first two and glower at you dubiously for not reading directions like every teacher since Mrs. Blanchard in second grade told you to do.

2) You may "second" (or third or fourth etc...) as many series as you want. In fact you should do that or they may not make the poll. Check back and see what other series have been nominated so you can give them a second. No series will be going on to the poll if it hasn't been seconded at least once (see below).

PLEASE NOTE- At this time we have 13 titles with seconds. That's a very large poll, but it's doable. If more titles get seconds, we may have to run a pair of "semifinal" polls to seed out some of the poorer performers.  (If 8-10 of the current titles get "thirded," then I will do a poll of only the "third"ed titles.)

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