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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Cleaning House

Not that kind of cleaning house, Chris.
Though....actually, I'm sure plenty of that is to come.
So I'm doing some work on the blog today that is a little less visible than my standard posts, not that this post is invisible.  Though that would be totally cool! Except it probably wouldn't get very many hits. So maybe that's a shitty superpower for a blog.


  • The Fortune Cookie posts need to have links to each other. I only intended to do one or two at first, but they were so popular (and an excellent filler when I was behind on writing a real article) that I've ended up putting up one every couple of months or so. Apparently I can jazz hands with the best of them.
  • A few of the older Not So Best of the Mailbox articles have been getting a bunch of hits for some reason and are being promoted to The Best of the Mailbox, and of course that means a few who were sitting pretty among the best will be walking The Green Mile.  (I was going to say "the walk of shame" but what the fuck is shameful about getting laid???)
  • We're long overdue for another entry into W.A.W.'s Staff. Honestly, it's almost like the staff doesn't actually care about getting that finished!
  • Leela Bruce says she's not going to post her latest article until The Pointer Sisters have had more than a single entry. (Apparently it's important to at least one of the voices in my head that the rest of them pass the Bechdel test.) 
  • Some of the menus need cleaning up. They are dirtier than a twelve year old.
  • Still noodling my next offering of Demon's Rubicon. I'm hoping to get that up very soon. 
  • There may actually be a post going up either late tonight or extraneously tomorrow. It may be of limited interest to those not either following my time management crisis or those who have ever tried to evaluate their priorities and reorganize their lives.
  • We have a new menu on the VERY basics about to go up. (And if that doesn't bate your breath, I just don't know what will.)
  • This is more a personal thing than a blog thing, but I owe some marvelously generous patrons thank you notes, and I am deplorably behind on that.
  • Oh and I just got an absolute gem of a piece of hate mail which–seeing as it is more about me than writing–will have to be answered on Monday as part of my personal updates. But it's going to need to be handled just right....

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