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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Semifinal Poll: Best Fantasy Series

This time I'm going to get more than five votes!
This is MY year.
What is the best Fantasy Series?

Our May poll is live–or at least the first of our May polls. And it looks like this battle is so epic it will be going on into June.

How appropriate for a fantasy series!

Due to the extraordinary number of write-in nominations for our Best Fantasy Poll, we are going to have a semifinal poll to determine which titles will go on to our final poll. I selected each semifinal round randomly–that is to say I had a friend pick 4 randomly (in a choice of 1-5) and I picked every 4th title until I had done half the list.

No series made it without being seconded. There were some good ones suggested, but they just didn't have any support.

And it should go without saying but please vote on the BOOKS. I'm thrilled you liked the various movies, but if you think that Lord of the Rings was maybe a little dry and spent too much time on describing the countryside then just remember you're not voting on whether Daniel Radcliffe or Elijah Wood has a cuter butt.

(Besides, that's not even a question–it's totally Daniel Radcliffe.)


The first round semifinals (The next 10 days)

Thursday Next–Fforde
Earthsea– LeGuin
Eternal Champion–Moorcock
Lord of the Rings–Tolkien
Inheritance Trilogy–Jemisin
Harry Potter–Rowling

The second round semifinals (May 24th)

Dragonriders of Pern-McCaffery
Chronicles of Narnia–Lewis

The poll is at the bottom left of the side widgets. It's long and black and the subject of much innuendo. Everyone gets three votes. The top four books will go on to our final round.

Also, because of a quirk in Polldaddy (the polling program) it can only hold your IPS addy for a week, so if you vote early, you can technically get in a second vote right before the poll closes as well. VOTE EARLY! VOTE OFTEN!

Also, please be aware that I have all but been promised another round of "ballot stuffing" by our mischievous Pratchett fan, so if you want to see your beloved series do well, you might have to put this poll in front of some fan pages and galvanize support.

Or decapitate him while saying "There can be only one!" but that seems a little extreme to me. Maybe at least try Reddit first?


  1. I wish I had five votes for the second round :-(

  2. I wish there was an elimination or tournament bracket. Of course, it would last much longer than Chris could deal with it. :)

    But, darn it all, it would be so awesome!