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Monday, May 19, 2014

Long Overdue

Low, dramatic voice: For ten thousand years I have slumbered.

Me: Uh...it's actually only been a couple of months.

Low voice: I thought you said this was long overdue.

Me: Yeah...but not that long.

Low voice: A couple of months isn't really that dramatic.

Me: Well, that's why I hired a dramatic low voice. You're getting half of today's net earnings. Punch it up. Do your thing. Earn that seven cents.

Low voice: Punch it up, he says.

Me: Okay, take two......

Low voice: For...uh eighty-six thousand, four hundred minutes I have slumbered. But now, I return to a world that has forgotten me.

Me: Beautiful. Thanks low dramatic voice.

Low voice: No problem. Glad I could help.

Writing About Writing is deliciously free. It is ecstatically free. And for some of you, it is orgasmically free. (I'm basing that last one on some pretty sketchy statistical analysis, but I stand by it.) It will always stay deliciously, ecstatically, and (possibly) orgasmically free, but we depend on the generosity of our readers. I don't like to beg, but without you, W.A.W. would have to drop to one post a week while I go get a "real job" with "prospects" and "a decent retirement plan." (Those are the demands of Unsupportive Girlfriend.) I've had one of those jobs, and they suck. They suck bad. If indolent high school student haikus were a metaphor for suckage, "real jobs" would be: "Not sure what to write/This assignment is stupid./When would we use this?"

On the other hand, if this job starts paying the bills, I can do things like bring you more and better content, get a copy editor for my posts, and make the U.I. on this webpage not suck flaming Aye Aye testicles.

Oh sure. Bring me into this.

I currently make about five dollars a day (roughly a dollar an hour). Since I don't live in Romania or Thailand, $1/hour is not as awesome as it sounds. Also, over half of that comes from only three donors. Nearly 75% comes from my top eight donors. Ad revenue accounts for perhaps 10%. My ability to keep doing this daily depends entirely on you.

(~points at Low, Dramatic Voice~)

Low Dramatic Voice: Entirely upon you.

If you love this blog, and have been entertained by its almost-daily updates, informative articles, fiction, and more, why not cruise over to the Conspicuously Placed Tip Jar and drop in a few dollars. And if you really like W.A.W. it's very easy to set up Paypal as a monthly payment. I'm a struggling artist, so it doesn't take much to impress me. You can give up a McDonalds Value Meal a month, and I will think that donation makes you the most awesome person in the damned universe.

No money? No problem!

W.A.W. will never be the kind of web site to hit you up every article for social media proliferation like some hyper dog humping your leg (ohboyohboyohboypleasesharethisontwitterohboyohboy), but that's where the money shot is, baby. Toss us some love and we won't care that you've read for years and never donated a dime. Share an article or two that you've enjoyed on Facebook or Twitter and it's like the sweet ambrosia of a growing audience.

It really does matter, and it really does help. This blog is going nowhere without you. And who knows, maybe your shared article is the one that gets my blog in front of my next patron muse.

And please, turn off your adblocker for any website you love. (Low Dramatic Voice: Any website!) You're basically killing the ability of those sites to bring you free content. We know you hate commercials, but adblockers prevent websites from making money and that means they either have to find other ways to make money or the content providers all hang up their creative spurs and go manage pet food stores or count paper clips or something. You can turn them on and off for just the domains you want to support (and right back off if they use pop ups or something). So if you're a fan of something, let it make some money.

Here are a few other things you can do if you want to help as well. Everything from subscribing to clicking a Facebook thumb will make W.A.W. a better place.

We're counting on you.

Low Dramatic Voice: Yes...YOU!


  1. My mother had a saying, which she probably got from her mother, that went something like this: "Well, that's about as useful as tits on a boar hog." I generally shy away from such salty language. So did my mother as a matter of fact. She saved such things for more private expression. That saying comes to mind so quick here.

    First, I'm broke as heck so I can't help there. In a very few short months my idyllic life where I can spend day after day (with no one requiring me to keep house except myself and no baby to look after) writing and then writing some more. Well, to cut things short those days are numbered. I have three months maximum left. I will have to face wage-earner purgatory again or face homelessness. OK, maybe not true homelessness but never mind. I can't help you on that front, Chris.

    The second? Yes, I can and I have. I can ramp up it up on Tumblr or Tweeter. If my 15 and 60 followers, respectively would be of any assistance. I have linked a blog post here to a posting on my own blog and I can ramp that up a notch or two. Sad to say, the numbers there are even more pitiful. But it's all that I've got, sweetie.

    Willing to count the widow's mite?

    1. Of course of course of course! I hate doing these posts even though they're absolutely necessary. They make me feel cheap and dirty.

      I totally understand not having the dosh even to spare a few dollars. I've been there a few times in my own life, and part of the reason I want to stay free is so that it's never an issue if people can't pay. A little bit of social media pimping will be more than enough. You are wonderful!!!