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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

No Post??? Unless You Count THIS!

Like you could resist!
So this little guy needed a DOUBLE helping of emergency watching today.  (In addition to the regular five hours.) Once because The Brain desperately needed to power down her central processors after a long night of computing actuary tables, and then again because Uberdude got called by our sister crime fighting league in New Delhi and had to spend over an hour on a conference call discussing the villain GPS tracking software that they were trying to debug.

Anyway it was about ten hours of babysitting him while he went around contradicting everything with his psychic powers. He's also working on two new powers–one which might be useful and one that is....um....well probably a little less so. He is now capable of producing ten gallons of drool per day. If you look closely at the picture, you can see him whipping up a batch right when I took it. I'm not sure how that's going to help him fight crime, but maybe he can make floors slippery when criminals run by or something. But the one that might come in handy is that he can now emit a sonic scream that can shatter glass, hard plastic, and spinal columns (trust me on that last one--mine is now made of a titanium replacement that Doctor Sawbones was able to emergency install). He's also about three decibels from shattering my will to live.

Regardless, even though what was to be today's post is written, my late night ohfuckthisislate posts rarely get many page views, and since this one will be vaguely, kind of, sort of, somewhat important, I'll post it tomorrow instead, and force you all to bask in the cuteness that are his little tiny overalls instead.


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