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Friday, May 2, 2014

Next Time Pratchett. Next Time.

There must be a mistake.
I ordered the SCIENCE fiction.
All hail......Terry Pratchett?

Wait what?

So our Science Fiction poll had a little bit of shenanigans on it this month--take that as you will. Of course I have no problem with shenanigans as long as it is equally available to all parties.

Did I mention that I'm a page view whore?

One of my readers put our poll on a Discworld Reddit and "stuffed" the ballot box. While I was certain that the challenge to all the "true science fiction" aficionados out there would inspire some reactionary swing (and not a few incensed comments to the effect of "That's not even real science fiction!").  Once the Discworld fan had unleashed a throng of fans on the poll, Pratchett took an outrageously huge lead and never let go.

I guess the Science Fiction Reddit never got a similar call to arms.

Regardless, fair's fair, and if anyone could post my polls on Reddit to drum up support, I have to give mad props to the first person clever enough to try. (Besides they're a savant with photoshop and made me this primo picture as compensation).  Therefore it is my honor to announce Discworld as the winner of the contemporary science fiction series.

Oh and you might check out Vorkosigan too...coming in at a very distant second, it still kicked the crap out of anything else.

That's it!
Next month, I'm rounding up a hundred dirty old men to vote for Xanth.

Fire up your brains for the best fantasy series (regardless of when it was written). I'll be asking for write ins for May's poll tomorrow.

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